Maritime Insurance
Hull and Machinery and cargo insurance, pleasure craft insurance, ship owner and carrier liability insurance; recourse claims.
Maritime losses and casualties
Total losses, particular averages (partial loss, short delivery and contamination), general average, collision, grounding, fires, salvage and assistance of vessels and cargo, piracy, contact with port and maritime infrastructures; Maritime Authority technical inquiries.
Legal advice and litigation in maritime carriage matters
Bills of lading, Charterparties, contracts of affreightment, passage and cruise contracts, demurrage e detention of containers, loading and discharging operations, terminal warehousing, storage and handling; technical surveys, arrest of ship, of cargo, of bunker or of freight, carrier’s precautionary retention of cargo, other urgency measures. Legal advice and litigation in pleasure craft matters financing and leasing contracts, remedies in case of breach of leasing contracts, return procedure of leased crafts and boats, sale-purchase contracts, maritime losses and casualties, contacts and collisions in regattas, mooring contracts, shipbuilding, pleasure craft charter.
Aviation insurance
Hull insurance for aircraft, helicopter and recreational and sport ultralight aircraft, cargo and satellite insurance; liability insurance for carrier, pilot and operator, airport operator, ground handling service provider, aviation products supplier, maintenance provider, repair and overhaul provider, parachutist and flight and/or parachuting schools operator; recourse claims. Aviation accidents and incidents Air and ground collisions; bird and wildlife strike; aircraft collision with airport infrastructures and ground service vehicles; hard landings, personal injuries or passenger death, loss of or damage to goods and baggage; aircraft crashes, Controlled Flight Into Terrain; death or injuries caused in parachuting; damage to third parties on the surface.
Legal advice and litigation in aviation matters Charter; dry and wet leasing; ground handling service; air rescue operations, HEMS and HAA operation; general aviation; aerial works, drones, helicopter lifting; technical regulations; recreational and sport aviation; flight schools; aeroclubs; parachuting; air maintenance; technical inquiries and other tourism matters such as damages for a ruined holiday, damages for delay.
Legal advice and litigation on land, rail and multimodal carriage matters
Loss, thefts and robberies of cargo; misdelivery; dangerous cargo; storage; liability for inadequate packaging, lashing and stowing; road and skiing accidents.
Third-party liability insurance
Liability insurance for rail and land carriers (under national law or CMR); logistic operators, freight forwarders, custom agents, depositaries; insurance of local councils and regional authorities.
Property insurance
Insurance of goods and properties other than maritime and aviation hull.
International trade
Incoterms, sale and purchase contracts; documentary credits; performance bonds; guarantees; contracts of agency, of brokerage and of distribution; recovery of debt.
Maritime arbitration, international arbitration; ICC and national arbitration; recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards.